Meet Active Relationships Center® Leadership

Kelly Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

Author of Active Relationships programs and C.E.O. of ARC, Kelly Simpson is nationally recognized for her leadership promoting relationship and life skills. Curricula authored include skills for mindfulness, emotion management, conflict resolution, building strengths, trauma recovery and for choosing wisely especially during stressful challenges.

Through her service and mentoring of organizations in the field, Simpson and her colleagues have directly served over 30 thousand youth, individual adults, couples and families with relationship/life-skills education and education for coping with stress.


Robert E. Crawford Jr.,
General Council

Experience with Active Relationships

  • Participated in the development of all ARC curricula
  • Assist in presentations of courses for military and civilian populations
  • Assist in operations, quality control and management for ARC
  • Responsible for all legal issues related to Active Relationships Center, including contracts, agreements, licenses, and intellectual property

Anthony Landry, Master Trainer

Experience with Active Relationships

  • Leads and assists in presentations of courses for both military and civilian populations
  • Conducts Train the Trainer events
  • Assists in operations for ARC
  • Advises on military protocol

Karen Anzak, Master Trainer

Experience with Active Relationships

  • International Master Trainer in all ARC curricula