Supporting Hispanic & Latino Communities

Serving Hispanic and Latino Communities by Building Stronger Relationships since 2004.

Active Relationships Center has been active in Hispanic/Latino communities since 2004 when it initiated pilots in seven Texas cities. Trainings were conducted for Hispanic leaders who launched classes in their respective communities. Later, ARC applied for federal funding on behalf of the border community of Cameron County, Texas, deep in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. The Hispanic Active Relationships Project was awarded federal funding and has since served over 7,000 Hispanic families. Focusing on helping couples and marriages, the project has served youth and families, including military families.

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Spanish-Speaking Focus Areas

ARC has created a number of courses for the Spanish-speaking communities, focusing on specific areas of training. For several years Active Relationships Center has been working with Head Start families to improve the life-skills of both Head Start children and parents. We are proud to say that Head Start programs across the U.S. have utilized our programs in Spanish. Our faith-based programs are widely used by Hispanic communities. Through our Hispanic outreach we also offer classes in Spanish for the incarcerated population in prisons and detention centers. Teen Pregnancy Prevention is a topic also covered in the Spanish Active Adults curriculum that has been successfully utilized with youth.

Evaluated by Baylor University

Our Spanish-speaking curricula have been evaluated by Baylor University, who provided research and evaluated the success of our programs. As part of the research, Baylor University completed an analysis of participants’ perspectives and skills they learned. Evaluations were conducted on an annual basis from 2006-2011 with significant results.
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I believe all of the skills are helpful for any couple, regardless of ethnic origin. I am convinced these skills will have a tremendous influence on our Hispanic families.
Active Relationships equips communication leaders with skills and tools that are user friendly and practical for any group. We used the material with Hispanic...bilingual couples and with monolingual Spanish speaking couples. In all cases the material was applicable and congruent as a tool to equip Hispanic couples in their communication skills.
I think the elements and the program as a whole are SUPERB and easy for anyone to understand. Many of the couples and individuals I have worked with have found it to be very much enlightening, like a ‘gem’ that has just been discovered. A very much needed program, especially for Hispanic couples.